Citronella Essential Oil

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Aromatically, Citronella Oil possesses a citrusy, slightly fruity, fresh and sweet aroma that blends well with essential oils in the citrus, floral, herbaceous and wood families. Citronella Essential Oil is most widely known for its ability to deter mosquitos and other insects. 

INGREDIENTS: Cymbopogon Nardus Oil

BENEFITS: Clarifying, freshening and purifying.

AROMA: Citrusy, slightly fruity, fresh and sweet.

ORIGIN: Australia 

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  • 全天然植物性驱虫剂,驱除蚊虫
  • 有助于缓解压力,促进放松,活力和愉快的心情
  • 帮助减少睡眠和抑郁的困扰
  • 具有类似于柠檬或柠檬草的清新香味,是用于清新家居空气

WARNING 精油使用注意事项:

  • Pure essential oils are highly concentrated and must be dilute with a carrier oil before coming into contact with the body. 精油是植物的高濃縮物質 ,須以基礎油稀釋後再使用
  • Do not ingest. 不可吞食。
  • Keep away from children's reach. 远离儿童能触及的范围
  • Avoid contact with eyes. 避免接触眼睛
  • If pregnant or breastfeeding, consult a healthcare professional before use. 怀孕或哺乳的妈妈,使用前请向医疗保健专业