Rose Geranium Essential Oil

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Rose Geranium Essential Oil is a distinctively rosy-floral essential oil. Rose Geranium Essential Oil blends especially well with essential oils in the citrus, floral, wood and mint families. Geranium Essential Oil rightfully holds a beautiful reputation as an essential oil that is especially well suited for women. It's supportive to the reproductive system, menstrual cycle and during the course of menopause. 

INGREDIENTS: Pelargonium Roseum Stem Oil

BENEFITS: Purifying, soothing and normalizing.

AROMA: Floral, rosy and sweet.

ORIGIN: Australia 

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  • 对抗抑郁,帮助缓解愤怒,焦虑的情绪,恢复心情平静
  • 具有抑制细菌及防腐功能,从而达到预防感染的作用
  • 催情及帮助舒缓情绪,改善焦虑紧张的情绪
  • 帮助改善睡眠品质,减少失眠
  • 驱赶蚊虫如蚊子,跳蚤,蚂蚁,虱子,飞蛾和苍蝇等
  • 天然除臭剂

WARNING 精油使用注意事项:

  • Pure essential oils are highly concentrated and must be dilute with a carrier oil before coming into contact with the body. 精油是植物的高濃縮物質 ,須以基礎油稀釋後再使用
  • Do not ingest. 不可吞食。
  • Keep away from children's reach. 远离儿童能触及的范围
  • Avoid contact with eyes. 避免接触眼睛
  • If pregnant or breastfeeding, consult a healthcare professional before use. 怀孕或哺乳的妈妈,使用前请向医疗保健专业