About Our Scented Candles

1. What is so unique about Botanicá Aromatherapy Scented Candles?

Botanicá Aromatherapy use 100% natural soy wax that proves to be a cleaner burn, longer burn, and better for the environment than regular petroleum/ paraffin. All of our candles are hand-poured and hand-packaged in small batches to ensure freshness. It's all made in Singapore!

2. What makes an all-natural soy wax candle different?

While paraffin wax is refined from crude oil, soy wax is made from soybeans- a completely renewable resource grown in the US. Compared to paraffin, soy wax burns cleaner with no petrol-carbon soot. Soy wax also burns slower than paraffin, so soy wax candles also last longer.

3. Are the Botanicá Aromatherapy Scented Candles eco-friendly?

Yes. The scents from the candles are either derived from 100% natural and pure essential oils or from premium grade of fragrance oils.

4. How long do your candles last?

Botanicá Aromatherapy Scented Candles last approximately 40-45 hours.

5. Why Do People Use Scented Candles?

Candles are perhaps one of the most enjoyable and affordable luxury items available to everyone. They are beautiful and magical, infusing the home with color and fragrance. They can create a special warmth and ambiance to bring a special sense of calm and well-being. In addition, studies have also shown that there is a strong correlation between smells and moods, scents and memories because our brain's limbtic center, which is the area that processes emotions, is tied to the brain's olfactory bulbs, which processes smell.

6. I am Pregnant. Can I Still Use Your Candles?

As different individuals have different body compositions and reactions, we would advise you to consult a professional healthcare's opinion on it. If you are concerned, we would suggest that you light up the candles again after pregnancy.
Botanicá Aromatherapy Scented Candles are made from premium, high quality food grade soy wax which can also be found in makeup.

7. Can I buy your products wholesale to sell them in my store?

Absolutely! To learn more about joining our growing list of wholesale partners, contact us.

8. Do you offer any discounts on large orders?

Yes. For more information on bulk pricing and quantity price breaks, contact us. Some examples of large orders we're happy to accommodate are:

  • Candles as wedding favors
  • Candles as a gift to your clients or vendors
  • Candles to burn in your salon/spa/hotel